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Client of the Month

Naomi Sunderland – November 2016


Congratulations to Naomi for winning our Client of the Month. Nominated by Coach Dave, he explained that she is a worthwhile winner because of her successes and breakthroughs over the past year.

She originally came to us with an ongoing lower back pain spanning decades as well as digestive issues. Naomi had tried other therapies without much change and then committed to a holistic approach.  And her results now are pain free movements, pain free exercise, significant improve of her digestion including no gut pain.

As well as these results, I wanted to acknowledge her other breakthroughs that have transformed her life

  • Constant dedication to her corrective exercises despite her husband’s health issues.
  • Compliance to her nutrition and gut health
  • Openness to try new things and take on board new changes and challenges
  • Following her heart and now your new purpose with her recent trip Vanatua to work with the local tribes.
  • Supporting our Core community and her positive outlook

Naomi – thank you for committing to your health and having faith in the process. You are at such a different place now than you were 12 months ago and we are so happy for your ongoing progress and transformation …1 week at a time.  You are such an amazing soul and a true inspiration to your yourself, your family and our community. Well done.

Naomi’s comments – “Great trainers and studio! Love these guys. Have been with them for one year with complex pain etc. and they have been great.”