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Functional Training

Functional Training- What are the top 10 benefits?

  1. Increased joint stability and range of motion – ideal for people recovering from injury
  2. Better muscular balance and inter-muscle tension which reduces risks of injury for even the fittest and healthiest people
  3. Practical and useful exercises with a proven track record in improving a person’s quality of life
  4. More efficient movement patterns
  5. Better core strength and balance
  6. Improves posture
  7. Improves flexibility
  8. Improves coordination
  9. Huge variety of exercises e.g. bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, Suspension Training like TRX, Boxing, Swiss balls, dumbbells and cable machines.
  10. Improves competitive performance

Functional Training - Swiss Ball





What is functional training?

Functional training and exercise prepares the body for various forms of activity and conditions the nervous system to move in movement patterns that translate directly to life, work and sport situations, in addition to aiding postural alignment, balance and coordination.

 ‘The body knows nothing of muscles, only movements” (Bobath,1980)

For those more technically minded, the generally accepted definition from leading anatomical and biomechanical researchers Ida Rolf, Andre Vleeming and Raymond Dart in 2004, is that the following are essential for Functional Movement:

  • It should be tri-planar
  • It should be integrated
  • It requires proper gravity-orientation
  • It should be proprioceptively enriched
  • It should produce dynamic stabilisation

Why do we specialise in functional training?

You can see from the long list of amazing benefits, it makes sense to spend our limited exercise time on what we believe is simply, the most effective method of training.  It reduces the risk of injury and has real world applications from day to day activities to sports and rehabilitation.

If you are interested in learning about functional training are in the local area of Wishart, Mansfield, Mt Gravatt, Mackenzie, Carindale, and Eight Mile Plains or the Southside of Brisbane,  please contact Cameron on 0406 451 907 to answer any questions or taking the opportunity of our FREE Health and Fitness consultation.

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