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Core Values

We are committed to providing a caring, personal and professional service which relies on our CORE values of Respect, Honour and Integrity. In all of our dealings with clients, staff and other stakeholders, this means

Respect in treating everyone with dignity

“Everyone deserves to be treated with fairness and respect as an individual and not to be judged. You will be treated with care and equality, no matter your background, personal struggles or physical appearance.”

Integrity of character by being honest, genuine and authentic.

“We will not promise things we cannot deliver and will be honest and accountable in our expectations, actions and results.”

Honour yourself and others by having the courage to live with a set of principles and ethics.

“The quality of our interactions will represent and honour others, by our high personal standards and character”


We also support and abide by the FitnessAustralia Code of Ethics.


The word core has multiple meanings which all represent a primary function.  The CORE area of the body (the stomach) is the foundation of every movement we make. HEALTH is the very foundation of life as it is integral to everything that we do, think and feel. COACHING is empowering rather than telling. So CORE HEALTH COACHING is enabling a strong and solid foundation in movement and life.

The infinity symbol incorporated within the words of CORE represents the balance and equilibrium of our different forces. It represents perfection, dualism and unity. The fresh, bright green shades support the need for calmness, peace and relaxation.



Pay It Forward Program

We are blessed to have a privileged life with some amazing opportunities in Australia. I believe that this comes with a responsibility to help others and to “Pay It Forward” and as a part of our values and business we give time and money to ethical charities and individuals.

There are thousands of deserving people and worthwhile causes and as a small business, with limited time and money, we can only support a certain number of carefully selected charities that align with our values, passions and skill sets. However, if you are a local charity in the Wishart, Mansfield, Mt Gravatt and Brisbane Southside area, and you feel you would benefit from our specific skill set, please email

Some of charities we have been involved with and support:

brave   ditto







Here is Cameron dressed as Ditto at a recent Children Festival.


Aidan Lambert and the Scarlett May Foundation