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As part of some of our personal trainer packages, VIP Members are offered additional support, education and cutting edge service well above the industry standards. As a VIP member, you will be sent a personal code to gain exclusive membership access to your own profile which includes your individual assessments and reports, personalised and professional exercise programs with ongoing progress results.


 This amazing service will help us get a greater understanding and unique insight into your overall health and fitness. We can then prioritise any health issues that need addressing so we can achieve the best outcomes towards your health and fitness goals. Some clients in this process have discovered the one thing that has been stopping them from achieving their long term health goal.

Yes, completing these comprehensive and in-depth assessments does take some time.  We can assure you that the 30-45 mins invested will ultimately save you time, money and possibly your health.  If we are not assessing, we are guessing.

Here is what a couple of clients thought of this process

“By filling out these questionnaires, Cameron picked up that I had a bug in my gut. After 2 weeks I had lost 4kg and hardly changed my diet. I also increased my energy levels. I have new vigour towards life and my heath”. 

“Cameron pin-points target areas by asking a number of key questions. Within a few weeks of starting my training sessions, I could feel the difference. I had a more positive outlook and could already start seeing results”. Rebecca

 “I really like this system a lot as it is a great tool to keep me accountable, honest and motivated. I particularly like the videos of each exercise and the ability to log my program results.” Craig

The Benefits 

  • Saves you time and money towards your health, fitness and exercise goals
  • The assessment and reporting process can uncover the missing piece as to why your previous attempts at achieving better health have failed
  • A complete and unique understanding of your nutrition and lifestyle behaviours so that you can start your journey towards change
  • Prioritising your critical health factors which will make a significant difference to your health goals and results
  • Ability to access your personalised exercise program anywhere and anytime
  • World leading video database of exercises with dual angles, full screen, loop playbacks, pictures, in depth descriptions and printable colour stills to ensure you do the prescribed exercises right every time
  • Ability to track your progress statistics and re-assessments, so that you can watch your ongoing improvements and keep you motivated and continue your results

If you are not getting these amazing benefits, please call Cameron directly on 0406 451 907 to discuss further.

New VIP Members If you have not received the introduction email, check your spam or junk email folder as sometimes it may have been received in this location. Otherwise, click on the button below and then click on “Forgot Password” in the top right hand corner.

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