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Exercise Programs

Exercise programs are ideal for those more experienced exercisers who are looking for a cost effective option. You will still receive some of the same benefits of personal training e.g.

  1. More time efficient and effective workouts

Using advanced techniques and strategies, the latest research and your individual plan, you will be completing integrated, compound and targeted exercises that have greater muscle and neural recruitment so that will get the best results in a shorter time frame.

2. Specific and targeted exercises

Everyone is completely different bio-mechanically and our comprehensive assessments are recognition of that fact. Added to your training goals, strengths and weaknesses, your exercise prescription is very specific and targeted to get you the best results while avoiding pain, injury and sickness. We offer a very personalised approach and not a one size fits all mentality.

3. Correct technique

Correct technique is critical for best results and injury prevention. As a VIP Member you will have access to

  • World leading video database of exercises with dual angles, full screen, loop playbacks, pictures, in depth descriptions and printable colour stills to ensure you do the prescribed exercises right every time
  • Printable session plans, exercise details (photo, videos and description for all learning styles) and a workout summary
  • Ability to track your progress statistics and re-assessments, so that you can watch your ongoing improvements, keep motivated and continue to get results
  • Access your personalised program anywhere and anytime

What’s included?

  1. Amazing value and guaranteed service
  2. Exclusive membership to our VIP Access area
  3. Discounted bootcamp fitness sessions
  4. Special offers for personal trainer clients only
  5. Ongoing training plans – weekly and periodically
  6. Discounted nutrition, exercise & sporting equipment and products
  7. Regular updates and articles on health and fitness related topics
  8. Liaising with your other allied health professionals’  or specialists if required

What’s the process?

1st Step – Initial assessment

This personal training program starts with our comprehensive assessment and testing process to get a complete understanding of what you want and how best to work towards achieving your health goals.

2nd Step – Program development

Based on our discussions and the assessment findings we will develop and recommend the most effective exercise, nutrition and lifestyle plan to achieve your goals. This is not a cookie cutter approach with some slight tweaks – it is truly tailored to each individual.

3rd Step – Program delivery  

We will meet again to deliver your program to ensure that it meets your goals and take you through the specific details and exercises.  After any modifications, the program will be available on-line together with video clips of each exercise and training diary.  You can do additional personal coaching session when you feel you need them.

4th Step – Ongoing results and monitoring

We encourage our clients to use the VIP access area to its full extent and log their training sessions so that both the client and their coach can watch their ongoing progress as well as take advantage of the online support.

5th Step – Program review

Clients who get the best results are those who review their program every 4-6 weeks to continually challenge their body and ensure that they stay motivated.