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Personal Training

Why find a Personal Trainer?

Personal Training is the most effective way for you to achieve your health and training goals based on your individual and unique requirements.

After completing our comprehensive assessments we will both have a better understanding of your starting point and have the ability to prioritize the critical items that will make a significant difference and get the best results for you.

Our next step is to put together an ongoing plan and program that is specifically individualized to accommodate your strengths/weaknesses and any injuries.

The final step is to follow the plan according to your preferred intensity, skill level and learning style, and watch your results!

The top 5 benefits of Personal Training 

1. More time efficient and effective workouts

Using advanced techniques and strategies, the latest research and your individual plan, you will be completing integrated, compound and targeted exercises that have greater muscle and neural recruitment so that you will get the best results in a shorter time frame. We ensure that you get the best out of each session and progress your exercises at the most appropriate time frame.

2. Cost effectiveness

It is commonly accepted that you can save yourself significant sums of money by consulting professionals within their area of speciality e.g. Financial Planner for financial planning advise, an Accountant for tax advice. The same can be said of our coaches, that they could save you hundreds of dollars a year and thousands over a lifetime. We have an extensive range of discounted exercise products for our clients but our extensive research and experience means that we only recommend products and services that work. Some examples of where you can save your money – excessive vitamins, food related purchases, reduced injury risk with all the associated costs, reduced poor lifestyle choices, reduced pharmaceuticals costs, reduced medical expenses and other health and allied health professional expenses.

3. Greater motivation and accountability

One key for success is to stay consistent over time to get your desired results. We use different techniques to keep you regularly motivated and focused towards your goals as we are a partner in your success. Also, being accountable to your own commitments via a third party is a very powerful motivator.

4. Specific and targeted exercises

Everyone is completely different bio-mechanically and our comprehensive assessments are recognition of that fact. Added to your training goals, your strengths and weaknesses, your exercise prescription is very specific and targeted to get you the best results while avoiding pain, injury and sickness. We offer a very personalised approach and not a one size fits all mentality.

5. Correct technique

Correct technique is critical for best results and injury prevention and is essential for both beginner and advanced clients. As a beginner, the priority is learning the fundamentals of movement and the correct technique. Using simple and effective programs, you will build up your skill, ability and confidence. Advanced clients have a greater focus on the finer skills and we monitor your form and observe the subtle signs, provide immediate objective feedback and adjust accordingly. 

What’s included?

  1. Amazing value and guaranteed service
  2. Exclusive membership to our VIP Access area
  3. Regular health and fitness reviews to watch your results
  4. Discounted group sessions
  5. Special offers for one-on-one clients only
  6. Well planned sessions addressing your individual requirements
  7. Ongoing training plans – weekly and periodically
  8. Ongoing tracking of your results to keep you motivated
  9. A professional program to follow on a regular basis (normally valued over $300)
  10. Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching when required
  11. Access to an extensive resource library of books, audios and DVD’s
  12. Discounted nutrition and exercise/sporting equipment and products
  13. Regular updates and articles on health and fitness related topics
  14. Liaising with your other allied health professionals’  or specialists if required