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Health Success Stories

Nili Alani, Age 35, Auditor ATO

I have used a couple of personal trainers and I was quite reluctant to try again as my previous experiences had not been enjoyable.

I was introduced to Cameron through a friend at work and from the first session I knew that he was different. I could see his passion and it motivated me. He always took the time to explain and teach all the various aspects of what constitutes a healthier lifestyle. I can honestly say that Cameron has motivated me to live a healthier lifestyle and for this I thank him.  After every PT session I felt more motivated and excited.

I am truly grateful that I have encountered such an amazing trainer. Whenever I get a chance I tell people about him. Thank you Cameron for making such an effort it’s greatly appreciated.

Mandi Bevan, Age 31, Company Director Kip McGrath Educational Centres

I never liked the thought of going to a gym in my younger days, but as I became more conscious about my health I joined a gym and have been attending a gym for 5 years now.  I had seen small improvements in my body, but I felt I was always at the gym, doing a lot of work, but just not seeing any real results.

When I started being trained by a Personal Trainer was a scary idea!!  I had this notion that a Personal Trainer would push you to your absolute limits and I felt I didn’t have the stamina or fitness level to do this, until Cameron came along.  He was very caring and really took the time to get to know me and how I liked to train and exercise.  He seemed to know exactly to what level he could take me; and then he would just take me that little bit further and show me that my fear was holding me back, not my stamina or fitness level.  I finally started to see the results in my body I had been looking for.

Cameron also teaches you along the way about what best suits your body so when you are doing some training on your own you are still getting benefit from it rather than the old routines you used to do.  All those years of slogging it out at the gym on my own, just didn’t get the results because I didn’t have the knowledge needed to be able to do the right exercises to get the results, with Cameron driving the training sessions I always got the best out of my workout.

I found I didn’t have to spend as much time at the gym because these tailored, intense training sessions with Cameron were targeting exactly what my body needed.  Cameron has the expertise, know how and friendly attitude to get the best out of everybody that he trains.  My husband really noticed the results and he is really keen to do some personal training with Cameron as well.  Thanks Cameron, you have taken my knowledge and understanding of exercise and training to a whole new level.

Rebecca Bowman, Age 37, Revenue Manager

Cameron my Personal Trainer is a great motivator and is very passionate about his role and extremely professional. Within a few weeks of starting my training sessions with Cameron I could feel the difference, I had a more positive outlook and could already start seeing results.

Cameron pin-points very quickly target areas by asking a number of key questions. Cameron also showed me techniques to decrease stress levels involved with my work – he is a wealth of knowledge.

After 6 months my husband and I fell pregnant with our first child and Cameron altered my program accordingly to incorporate the most important exercises for both pre and post birth.

I have Cameron to thank for his guidance and encouragement, he has certainly led me in the right direction. I have not only improved my well being & quality of life through healthy exercise and diet, I have improved my frame of mind. I have no hesitations whatsoever recommending Cameron to anyone, he is a fantastic Personal Trainer.

Lorraine Neate, Aged 52, High School Teacher

I have been going to a gym for 8 years  and I have trained within my own comfort zone during that time and have reached an average level of fitness without ever pushing myself. I have always thought if I don’t look overweight then all is good. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have had previous injuries of a ruptured Achilles tendon and badly fractured wrist, so these injuries have at times hampered my training Cameron has designed my training programs around my injuries/conditions and has additionally looked at some of my overall posture problems. I have to say that during the time I have worked with Cameron I have improved in my endurance, strength and motivation, I have toned my body, corrected some of my postural issues (a work in progress) and I feel that I am missing something if I don’t get to the gym every day. The additional educational and nutritional support that Cameron gives is an added bonus of working with him. I’ve been working with Cameron for about 9 months now plan to continue using him for a long time – my 21 year old daughter has just begun to work with Cameron, she is looking forward to being involved in her first triathlon with some help from Cameron. Thanks Cameron and see you next Friday!

Aiden Lamberth , 31, Director Scarlett May Foundation

Before becoming a client at Core Health Coaching I was struggling with a few things. I wanted to be healthy and I wanted to meet some fairly significant fitness goals however I didn’t really have a plan to get there

Having the input of the trainers at Core Health Coaching was such a relief. While I had used the internet to try to work out what I should be doing, sitting down with a health coach, one on one, they were able to tailor advice to my lifestyle, commitments, strengths, weaknesses and goals.  Having this input from a holistic perspective, not just diet and exercise, gave me a huge confidence boost, and enabled me to make very specific changes to my routines in order to achieve some very significant outcomes in a very short period of time.

After having the input of the trainers, my knowledge around health has grown in a big way. It’s been very important for me to understand the impact of different stresses and the importance of finding different outlets for my stress. Understanding different types of food and how and why they can be helpful or harmful. Understanding more about the body’s makeup and how to best support my body’s needs. There are so many components that make up a healthy lifestyle that I would never have considered before meeting with the staff at Core Health Coaching.

Thanks to the support of Nicole and Cameron at Core Health Coaching, I went from running 8kms to and from work each day to being able to run a 55km marathon in 6 hours without injury. Not a great time, but given I had never run a marathon before, I was so pleased with the result.

If you have a goal like I did, either specific like running 55kms, want to maintain your fitness level or just wanting to lead a healthy lifestyle, then the team at Core Health Coaching are absolutely the team to help you.

I am forever in their debt. Thank you guys for all your support.

Running a marathon