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Meg Gilles, Aged 23yrs, Administration & Sales Coordinator

I work in a high stress job that in the past has been physically demanding which has resulted in a few lingering injuries and postural alignment issues which is why I came to Cameron. I have been lucky to work with Cameron for the past 10 months. Since working with Cameron I have seen a dramatic improvement in terms of body aches and pains.

Cameron has been an amazing support, giving me many stress management techniques  and exercises that can be done anywhere. I appreciate Cameron’s holistic view to health, incorporating education and knowledge of nutrition, inner health in terms of calming the mind and reducing stress, awareness of sleep patterns and of course exercise and fitness. His comprehensive view to health and the knowledge he imparts means that not only do you walk away feeling better but there also comes a feeling of being better equipped to make more suitable choices regarding health and fitness on your own.

His personalised training programs are tailored and thought out addressing all the areas needing strength and improvement. By having that program, it meant that I got more out of the sessions I did by myself. He also explains why he chooses certain exercises and how the body works. Cameron is able to motivate me to push myself to get the most out of my sessions.

His passion and enthusiasm is infectious, his constant encouragement and support of me has seen me through all the early morning training sessions. He brings professionalism and enthusiasm and has a genuine concern for his clients. I would recommend Cameron’s personal training service to anyone!

Tanya Jones, Age 39, Clinical Nurse Facilitator

I never really tried personal training but enter Cameron, who is dedicated, honest and a living reality of holistic healthy lifestyle and fitness.  He provided an outline of what to expect and reasons to go forward with personal training.

Well after Cameron’s comprehensive assessment of my diet, sleep patterns, stress levels, posture and fitness level, it was evident that ‘tweaking’ was not going to give me my desired results and there was much more involved than just adjusting a program or working up a sweat. He not only tailored my program for results but also for my interest. I work in health and have a keen interest in natural therapies, so Cameron also provided relevant reading material and internet links to increase my knowledge on issues pertaining to my specific situation.  My program plan and flexibility of workout times was also fantastic.

Switching on neural pathways, strengthening back muscle for better posture, exercises to work multiple muscle groups, eating and drinking appropriately, stretching and ‘breathing’ became the focus. I was taught to use equipment that I have not utilised before and tried exercises I didn’t know existed.  For a pleasant surprise Cameron showed me that I didn’t need to kill myself each workout to achieve desired results but had to effectively workout to achieve them. As I have knee issues, Cameron suggested that I try the RPM (cycle) class as a cardio alternative to what I was doing. I was amazed that he offered to come to RPM session, in his time, to ensure that my set-up was correct and then during the class consistently offered encouragement when I felt spent.   Always encouraging and friendly, I really do appreciate your professionalism and your follow-up, thanks Cam.

Cameron helped me achieve my goals and definitely push me further than I would myself. You are a wealth of knowledge and I have absorbed some of your teaching, know my body better and I am in an awesome routine to keep achieving great results.

PT is a definite must for everyone and I am sending my husband in next.

Daphne Kusters, 36, Business Manager


There are many great things to write about Cameron, but the one thing that stands out above all else is his overwhelming knowledge of all things exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. I would say he truly takes a holistic approach to health coaching, which requires a lot of time, commitment and genuine interest. He doesn’t just know all the muscles in the body, he understands how they communicate and interact with the rest of the body: the nervous system, the digestive system and the mind. Exercise is only one piece of the puzzle of healthy living and it is not until you work on all areas that you will be on your way to making a sustainable change. I want to be that change so I have just signed up for another 24 sessions!

Rebecca Lamont, 27, Marketing Consultant 

Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

When I think about personal trainers, I think about people who are strict, shout orders and aren’t really interested in building a positive working relationship. However, when I first met with Cameron for our first session in 2009, I was surprised when he actually took the time to get to know me and find out what made me tick. He taught me a lot about why I did some of the things I did with my food or not wanting to exercise and challenged me in a way that I found helpful and not just plain confronting. Cameron tapped into what I liked and made a program that was going to work for me. Although I am no longer a client of Cameron’s (moved to the other side of town), many of the tools he taught me are still a regular part of my life