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Life Changing

Liisa Joensuu, Age 45, Registered Nurse

In late 2009 I was in the depths of depression and at least 30 kilograms overweight. Once more I sought medical and psychological help, as I had been suffering from chronic depression and alcoholism since the breakdown of my marriage eight years earlier.  I then hurt my left knee whilst gardening due to lack of muscle strength and support. I could not walk properly and stairs were impossibility.

I joined the local gym and requested for a no-nonsense personal trainer. It was then I met Cameron who designed a rehabilitation program for me focusing on my injured knee and weak lower back. Within months he had me negotiating the stairwell without pain. Cameron’s personalized program has focused on building my strength, flexibility and resilience, but his motivation is one of the key ingredients to my success in battling with depression/anxiety. As my personal trainer, Cameron is one of three professional people I credit for the recovery from my illness.

I am now situated at the opposite end of the spectrum to where I was back in 2009. The distance I’ve come to get this far is huge.  I have maintained my gym membership for a full year which I have never achieved in the past. I have reduced my alcohol intake from a bottle a day to a couple of drinks once a week. Not only have I lost 25cm off my waistline, 3 dress sizes and I am fitter and healthier than I have been in fourteen years.  Though I still have some distance to go I am certain that I will achieve the rest of my goals with Cameron as my personal trainer.

Rebecca Lynnum, Aged 22, Marketing Officer

When I first started seeing Cameron, I wouldn’t have believed the impact that one person could have on my life and my thinking.

All throughout my life, I’ve been the girl who was picked last for sports teams, felt inferior next to my friends and didn’t want to go to the gym because I thought people would stare at me and think to themselves “why would she even bother?” Since joining the gym in 2008, I’ve had a few false starts, including not going to the gym, but still keeping my membership. Dead money some would say. Then, enter Cameron from stage left. I’ve been seeing Cameron fortnightly since January 2011 and since that time, I’ve noticed some major improvements in how I approach life. One of my friends once commented on how I was always hunched over, like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I could see it in the mirror too, if I didn’t do something and soon, I’d be destined for a widow’s hump. Through Cameron’s guidance, and support, I’ve been able to stand on my own two feet, and stand tall. I still have a long way to go in achieving my goals, but I am sure with Cameron’s help, it’s not if, but when.

Elizabeth H, 22, Student 

Before finding Core Health Coaching, I was miserable. I was depressed about the way I looked and felt and just didn’t know what to do to fix it. I would lie awake at night googling the latest weight loss methods and exercise regimens, trying to find something that would work. I remember phoning Mum in tears, I told her how I’m sick of not living like a normal 22 year old and hiding away at home. I had no friends, was failing uni and no longer felt like myself. After a bit of googling, Mum found Core Health Coaching, she sent me the link and urged me to take the next step. It took a couple of days, but late one night I thought “what do I have to lose?”.

Cameron called me the next day and I could hear the sincerity in his voice, he genuinely wanted to help and believed that I would be able to achieve my goals. I started working with Cameron and my life changed! I know that sounds corny, but it honestly did!

The best part about Core’s program is that it isn’t a “program”… it’s a lifestyle change. Everything I learnt at Core Health Coaching is easy and maintainable to work into everyday life. Since my initial consultation, I have lost over 10kg. I haven’t calorie counted or restricted food groups, I feel so much healthier and happier. I’m socialising more, I have gone back to uni and I am no where near as stressed about food or weight or my life as I once was. My family keeps commenting on how much my moods have improved!

It’s scary to think where I would be if I hadn’t reached out to Core Health Coaching. I honestly can’t thank them enough for everything that they have helped me with… I love the new healthy, happy me!