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Here is a couple of comments from our professional/elite athletes –

Georgia Elliot, 17 – Student, National Netball Player

Netball Strength and Conditioning for performance

Georgia mid-air wearing the green and gold at the Indoor Netball World Championship 2015

Mum’s (Letitia) testimonial “Georgia has been working with Core Health Coaching for three months. They have stabilized her core and ankles so much that she no longer straps or wears ankles guards to play netball. Her reach is so much further that shooters are now being called for held ball against her.If you are looking to get your life back in shape, or are an athlete looking for better performance, these guys are the ones for you. They are very professional and scientific and very friendly. Great people to be associated with.”

Georgia’s Bio 

As a natural athlete, Georgia has previously competed District level Track and Field, Cross Country and Swimming. Her overall passion is netball and she started playing when she was 7 years old and started representing Queensland at 15.

In the last 2 years she was introduced to indoor netball and this is where she has had her biggest successes to date. She was selected in the ladies Queensland Lightning Team (16 and under) in her first year and in the following year played in Ladies Queensland Heat Team (18 and under). Based on her outstanding performances she then was chosen in the Australian (18 and under) in 2015 which competed at the World Titles in October 2015.  They beat South Africa in the final 50 – 45 to become the World Champions. A truly amazing achievement.

Georgia showing her trophy and medial - Netball Strength and Conditioning for performance

World Champions

She is now completing her final year of High School in the southern suburbs of Brisbane while still playing outdoor and indoor netball at school, club, open and under 23 levels.  She would also like to continue her umpiring and her under 9’s coaching commitments.

Lauren Jimmieson – Professional Dancer, Singer, Actor and Choreographer


I had a very encouraging and positive experience training at Core. Cameron is an invested trainer who supported my journey every step of the way. When I approached Core requesting PT sessions I was originally only looking for training in exercise but was pleased to find that Cameron was able to offer me much more. I am a professional Musical Theatre performer and was looking to train my mind and body to be in the best shape for my profession.

Cameron devised a unique program to suit my needs and develop my skills and ability as a singer and a dancer. We worked through a rage of skills and techniques unique to my journey. Furthermore, we worked from the inside out; Nutting out and working through issues and problems which were negatively impacting my overall wellbeing.

I now have a rage of techniques and knowledge to draw on when maintaining my healthy lifestyle. I have a new perspective! I’ve learnt how valuable Nutrition, Lifestyle and Exercise are. The marriage between all three is imperative to your overall wellbeing. Could not recommend Core and Cameron more highly

Rebekah Apelt, 24, 2013 Hapkido World Champion


I first went to Core Health Coaching after having digestive issues for about 5 years. I was constantly feeling bloated and tired after eating and I was often struggling to concentrate. Sometimes I would need to leave a dinner or avoid going out because of stabbing pains in my stomach that I could find no cause for. My work had sent me to India for a few weeks where my problems had become a lot worse and I was struggling to recover. 

At this stage I wasn’t sure how to get healthy because doctors would just tell me I had irritable bowel syndrome and send me home. India was the push I needed to find a solution that worked for me.

Core Health Coaching was the perfect place for me to learn how to get myself healthy. Cameron walked me through the many changes I needed to make slowly and patiently to make them lasting changes. One of the best things about the program was that it didn’t stop at my digestive issues, Cameron walked me through the changes I needed to make to my diet and then help worked though my stress levels and finally onto my fitness and strength.

Now that I am eating the correct foods for my body I feel more energetic and I get general illnesses like the flu less. I can put the effort into my Martial Arts training that it deserves without being worried that I don’t have the energy to participate. The things I learn’t with Core Health Coaching will continue to guide many of the decisions I make every day.


Adrian Royce – Marathon Runner and Wishart parkrun Event Director Improve Running performance





You will be very happy to hear that I did a PB at the 10 km race at Brisbane Road Runners yesterday. My previous PB for any 10 km race was 38min 30 secs.  Yesterday I ran 37 min flat. I can only put it down to your expert tuition. I reckon I could have run faster, I did not try to sprint home in the end due to the upcoming marathon this Sunday.

Author – Not bad after only 3 sessions!!