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Tracie Corish

Introduction to Tracie

cameron corishI am really looking forward to 2014/2015 as it will bring a lot of changes for me as I join Cameron at the Wishart Personal Training Studio.

I graduated from St John’s College, Nambour in 1987 and completed 3 years study to qualify as a Registered Nurse through The Royal Brisbane Hospital. I have worked as an RN in a wide variety of roles for over 20 years, specialising particularly in the area of Oncology and most recently worked at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Cancer Research. While my contribution to Core Health Coaching will predominantly be in an administrative capacity, I will also bring my nursing skill set to the role, should the need arise. We are proud to be able to offer Personal Training sessions with a qualified nurse on site for your peace of mind if you are returning to exercise after an injury, surgery or if you are suffering from a medical condition which impacts your training. I will be working part time and the rest of the time will be spent keeping life sailing along smoothly for Cameron and our 3 daughters.

I am excited to be joining Cameron in the business this year. I look forward to meeting the amazing people who are part of our Core Community. I already know a number of you from our Saturday morning ladies boxing class and you have quickly become friends. I think Cameron is still trying to decide if I am an asset to the class or just a disruption! I admire you all for having made a commitment to yourself to improve your life through focusing on your exercise, nutrition and lifestyle this year. For those of you I haven’t yet met, if you see me at the Wishart Studio, please say hello and introduce yourself – I look forward to getting to know you all.