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Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Weight loss or what we focus on FAT LOSS, is one of the main reasons that clients come to a Personal Trainer. We have help hundreds of clients change their shape, lose unwanted fat and improve their health and energy but we do not approach this from a rapid weight loss or a 12 week challenge.

Our belief, experience and research proves that to maintain a health weight for the long term, is that we need a different approach from the current marketing hype of rapid weight loss. Would it surprise you to know, that the weight loss re-gainers are over 80%.

A study from Oxford University published in the International Journal of Obesity, within 3 to 5 years, about 80% of all ‘weight losers’ regained their weight loss and often gained back a little extra. Another study by the National Weight Control Registry says that relapse rate may be as high as 95%. For comparison, relapse rates for drug, alcohol and tobacco dependency have been reported in the range of 50–90%!

So what we focus on is a holistic approach – Exercise, Nutrition and Lifestyle to get long term results and here is some of clients success stories. You will notice a lack of before and after photos, as we focus on the person as well body changes.

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Chris and Chas Grace, Aged 25, Safety Inspector & Child Care

My wife, Chas Grace and I finished a half marathon today. Something both of us would never have thought we could do or wanted to do. And in just 2 years with Core Health Coaching, he has helped us achieve the impossible. My wife is doing her third 10k run this year and mine second. We also completed Tough Mudder last year. In total my wife has lost 22 kgs and myself over 15 kgs.

The photo on the left was taken when my wife and I joined Core Health Coaching in 2014. The photo on the right is today 5/7/2016 at the Gold Coast Marathon.

Weight Loss Weight Loss

Cameron has not just helped both my wife and I with our weight but also our mental thoughts too. This man is a magician and a god’s Angel. As he has said to me in our many talks, we are the ones doing the work but he is the brains behind us as well as the glue that makes it stick.

This man is one hell of a dad, husband and friend but he is the most amazing PT coach I have ever meet. No questions asked, he is the only man I would ever recommend. If anyone is thinking about starting PT or looking to change their lives then, Cameron and Core Health Coaching is the place to be.

See their video when they won our Annual Award and gave their tips on their success.

Liisa Joensuu, Age 45, Registered Nurse

Weight Loss

In late 2009 I was at least 30 kilograms overweight. I joined the local gym and requested for a no-nonsense personal trainer and that was then I met Cameron. The distance I’ve come to get this far is huge. I have lost 25cm off my waistline, 3 dress sizes and I am fitter and healthier than I have been in fourteen years.


Gloria Fry, Aged 64, Medical Office Manager

Weight Loss

Cameron’s vast knowledge of inner health and nutrition has encouraged me to modify my diet and I now fitting into a dress I wore at my son’s wedding 16 years ago. His ability to keep me motivated (which is a feat in itself) and his belief that I could achieve a higher level of fitness has inspired me. He is unbelievably patient with a professional and caring attitude. It is obvious he is passionate in his endeavour to assist his clients with their journey to better health and fitness.

Craig Gooley, Age 45, Regional Manager (Hospitality) and Restaurant Owner

Weight Loss

I had been a member of a gym for a few years, trying to improve a bad back and lose a few kilos. I was getting ok results, but I knew I was not getting the results that I should be achieving for the hours I put in at the gym. After starting sessions with Cameron, his knowledge of the human body and the right type of exercise to challenge me, improve my back and increase my health. After 2 weeks I had lost 4kg and hardly change my diet. I also increase my energy levels. I have new vigour towards life and my heath.


Sandra C, Video Production

“Sometimes before you can heal your body, you need to heal your soul. I can’t thank Cameron enough for taking the time to really get to the root of my weight issues and clear a path to a new me.You can be eating the right food and exercising each day and never see a result – this was my problem and Cameron helped me see the other positive changes in my body that I couldn’t see while clouded by weight loss blinkers.If you’re looking for a coach who will support you mentally & physically while making you laugh and educating you in a more wholesome food path, I whole-heartedly recommend Cameron”


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