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What Other PT’s Are Saying

 Tatum Nicholls, Personal Trainer

I can’t recommend Cameron highly enough as a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, and without sounding cliché he has changed my life. Since starting my sessions with Cameron I have a whole new approach to eating, exercise and living. I have been fit and active my whole life, played many sports as I was growing up, joined the Australian Defence Force when I was 19 and 5 few years gained my Group Fitness and Personal Training qualification. So as you can imagine I wasn’t really sold on the idea initially that I needed a Personal Trainer, I truly believed that I had all the tools I needed to put myself on a healthy and fit lifestyle. However as someone who likes to always keep an open mind and an attitude that thinks it ‘can’t hurt to try anything once’ I booked my first session with Cameron. After my initial consultation, I was sold, and keen to learn more from his extensive knowledge, passion and enthusiasm.

The biggest learning curve, ‘light bulb moment’, for me was starting to look at what I consumed as a ‘fuel’ for my body rather than food that was selected either as a reward or indulgence at most meals. It resonated with me the question ‘why do we pay top dollar for material items such as sunglasses, cars, mobile phones etc., yet choose least expensive, poor quality food to fuel our bodies?’. Cameron helped me realises that my health, my wellbeing should be my number one priority, without it everything, yes think about it, EVERYTHING else falls apart. I now make smarter food choices, almost exclusively organic. I have done a lot of my own research which I love discussing with Cameron when we get a chance to catch up and I am hoping to start a Graduate Certificate of Public Health, majoring in Nutrition this year.

I regard myself as very fit, I have always been lean with an athletic physique, therefore once again didn’t believe I needed a Personal Trainer, why would I? I exercised 6 days a week, which included both strength and cardio sessions. After my initial consultation with Cameron, and discussing some reoccurring muscular twinges I was suffering, he explained where my weaknesses were and how this was affecting other areas of my body. Another ‘light bulb’ was turned on and it all made sense. My general fitness was fine, but it was the finer mechanics that needed addressing, and Cameron put together an individual program, specific for me to help strengthen required areas and also increase flexibility where required.

Cameron stands out in my mind as a Personal Trainer; he has the training and qualifications to address clients with a holistic approach. Everyone is treated as an individual, and programs designed specific to the needs and requirements of each client. You aren’t just being told ‘what to do’, you are being taught the ‘why you need to do it’, ‘how it is going to help you’, you are given the tools and knowledge to not only improve your own lifestyle and wellbeing but the people close around you.

What other Personal Trainers are saying:

Aly McKenna, Age 27, Personal Trainer and Dietician

I was impressed and amazed with the service that I received from Cameron. The remarkable knowledge and information that he provided and the detail that he went into in our consultation was outstanding. Being a personal trainer and dietitian myself, I found Cameron to be very thorough, specific and able to identify all relevant concerns. He was easy to understand and able to communicated on an appropriate level to my understanding. Cameron has had a huge impact on certain areas of my life which has allowed me to change my life for the better.

Veronica Reaidy, Age 32, Group Fitness Instructor 

I cannot say enough about Cameron as a Personal Trainer.  He realises you can’t just say “do exercise” and get results, he sees the whole person and works with them.  He isn’t the stereotype of a Personal Trainer who only focuses on exercise.  I needed someone who wouldn’t put up with my excuses and whingeing and would inspire me to keep going.  Cameron has gone above and beyond this and made me believe in myself again.  Having worked in the fitness industry, I was very picky about what I was wanting in a trainer.  Cameron has delivered in all areas.  There is honestly too much to say to be able to put it all on paper.  You just need to see my transformation to know how good Cameron is….. he is the difference.

Simon Murphy, Age 20, Personal Trainer 

The first time I met Cameron, I didn’t even know he was a personal trainer. He took time out of his own workout to help me with mine. He noticed a better way to do what I was doing so showed me. Since that time I studied to be a personal trainer myself. I would come into the gym after class and Cameron would be there giving me tips on what I learnt that day! I thoroughly enjoyed every session I had with Cameron. He didn’t just tell me what to do, but explained why and what exactly it was doing. This motivated me even more. Cameron’s session aren’t just training, but a learning experience that I highly recommend!