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Coronavirus response plan. What we are doing.

The health of our clients, staff and our community is our absolute TOP PRIORITY and we want to give you an update on our new measures to ensure our studio and classes are the safest environment for you. We will continue to monitor the situation daily and will be amending our Coronavirus response plan any details for best practise and comply with any health warnings/directions.

Fundamentally, we believe it’s even more important to continue exercising and coaching to keep your physical and mental health in check at this time and as a result here are steps we have implemented:

  • Additional cleaning – We are now cleaning and sterilize our premise/equipment before and after each class/appointment. This is in ADDITION to our already cleaning service.
  • Very Low traffic numbers- Commercial gyms have over 1,000 to 3,000 members and based on our small client’s numbers of less than 100, our maximum traffic is 10-15 clients over a day, significantly reducing any risk.
  • Group classes – Class structures/exercises will be changed to reduce any sharing of equipment.
  • Small class numbers – We have always limited our class numbers for a better client experience with other gyms and fitness centres now following suit.
  • Reduced physical contact – Our coaches have been instructed to limit physical contact (within reason to doing our job). Some manual activities may be limited in this time e.g. assisted stretching and trigger point therapy.
  • Diffusing antiviral/antibacterial essential oIls – we will be diffusing a combination of anti-viral/anti-bacterial essential oils 24 hours a day in the studio.
  • Staff – as a part of our staff Corona Virus prevention training, our coaches are ready to help you. This also includes a strong commitment to self-isolated as not to risk any of our amazing clients.

Coronavirus response plan – Your requirements 

  • Hand sanitizer – is now provided for all our clients and must be used before and after sessions.
  • Towel – Although the virus is not transmitted via sweat, a towel will help reduce surface contact. A towel is compulsory to our sessions.
  • Listen to your body –If anyone in your family is unwell and experiencing flu-symptoms, we ask that you do please stay at home for you and other client’s health.
  • Communication – Please advise us of any changes to your health condition.

Coronavirus response plan


Coronavirus response plan – Upcoming changes and resources

  •  Over the next few weeks, we are looking to reduce our face-to-face contact with a number of sessions going online. This will also include virtual fitness classes so you can workout from home with the same great coaches!
  • We will be contacting some clients to change session times to limit the number of shared sessions within the studio.
  • Ongoing prevention and health information. Over the coming weeks we are looking to deliver the following to help you –
    1. Essential Info Sheetto keep safe and informed
    2. Prevention Fact Sheet. We have managed to source this inside information from Brisbane’s top Respiratory Physician and Clinical Professor.
    3. Integrative Approaches – Natural and scientific proved approaches to boosting your immune responses
    4. Online Webinar – Q and A with top medical staff to answer your specific questions.
    5. Online Webinar – “Fear Workshop” on ways to reduce your concerns and anxiety.
    6. Gut Health BlogThe secret to your health
    7. Probiotics Blog – The secret to your immune system

This is a changing situation and we’re closely following updates and advice suggested by the Federal Government and Health authorities. We will amend our Coronavirus response plan accordingly. Further updates will be sourced from the following links:

AU Dept. of Health – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Alert

CDC – Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19 ) Updates

We’ll continue to update you on our measures but let’s stay together, train together and get through this challenging time together. We are working tirelessly in the background, staying abreast of the situation; how we can best handle it in the studio and making plans to keep you healthy.

What happens if someone from the gym is infected with the Corona Virus?

There is a very clear protocol for gyms and schools and public places

  • Qld Health will contact us directly with any confirmed case
  • The individual confirmed would be checked/hospitalised/isolated for a week then interviewed on their whereabouts during the period — where they were on what dates, who they came into contact with, what rooms they went in – Then the business owners would be re-contacted
  • The business would have to cross check dates with people who attended that area on the day (We ensure you have accurate customer information in case we are required to provide this)
  • The business affected would need to be close for 24 hours whilst investigating
  • If the individual went into all parts of the Club the whole club would need to be closed, however say they only went into one area- that would be closed.
  • Anyone (staff/customers) that had come in close contact with the individual would need to be isolated
  • The business would need to be cleaned then can be re-opened straight away
  • Anyone who did not come into close contact with the person can attend

Above information is a QLD and Federal Health directive.

Please note we do not have any reported cases however it is important we make you aware of the process and our Coronavirus response plan .

Cameron Corish

Cameron Corish has been caring and achieving results for the local Wishart, Mansfield and Mt Gravatt community for over 10 years. Together with the Core Health Coaching Team, he takes a multi-disciplined and holistic approach to health and fitness addressing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of one’s health.  

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