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Electrical Radiation: what is it, the debate and 9 easy tips to reduce the impact

Electrical Radiation

Electrical Radiation

With the visit of Dr Devra Davis to Australia, a highly respected US Epidemiologist, on the ABC Catalyst program “WI-FRIED”, strong debates have erupted about the potential harmful effects of Electrical Radiation (ER). Electrical Radiation was already classed as a Class 2B – Possible Human Carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRAC) in 2011.

Dr Davis stated that “50% of the population of the industrialised world will experience debilitating symptoms from Electrical Radiation exposure from mild to extreme by 2017” with calls to upgrade the classification to Class 2A- Probably Carcinogenic to Humans.

What is Electrical Radiation?

Any electrical device generates an electromagnetic field. This includes electrical wiring in buildings and wireless devices especially medical devices (MRI’s, CT Scans), mobile phones, tablets, computers and computer WIFI. This may interfere with the body’s natural electrical field used for the heart, brains, nerves and muscle fibres producing large positive charges on the body. This increases Free Radicals, which may lead to chronic inflammation, decreased immune function, damaged tissues and cells, and possibly diseases and illnesses.

Electrical Radiation

So what is the debate?

Since the original classification in 2011, more evidence and creditable studies (CERENAT and Hardell) have emerged that adds strength to upgrading the health risk. Added to Dr Davis’ and her World Health Organisation colleagues published research, it details specific numbers of teenagers having increasing risk of 4–8 times more brain tumours. This has cast some doubts on our own safety standards, which are 100 times less than China, Italy Switzerland and Russian standards

On the other side of the debate, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are saying that no scientific evidence exists to prove that cell phones can cause cancer. The Australian Mobile Telecommunications Industry is saying there is no evidence of additional risk to children from mobile phones, although research in this area is limited. And finally our own policy makers, the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, are saying our standards still provide adequate protection from the known health effects of ER, although these standards were published in 2002 prior to Smart phones and WIFI devices.

Hopefully, some definitive guidance will be given with the planned publication of the World Health Organisation’s International Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Project. In the interim here are some tips to reduce you and your family’s Electrical Radiation.

The top 9 tips to reduce Electrical Radiation

    1. Avoid body contact with mobile phones (This is actually listed in manufacturers’ warnings)
    2. Don’t have your body or head near electrical devices during sleeping.
    3. Avoid using phones on a low signal. This increases the transmitting power to get a better signal.
    4. Wait for the phone calls to be connected. The highest amount of ER is when the call is initially connecting.
    5. Switch the phone to different sides regularly.
    6. Text and use the speaker more.
    7. Use in airport mode as much as possible.
    8. Shorter phone calls.
    9. Walking barefoot (Earthing) to increase the uptake of electrons to balance out the excesses positive charges and the damaging free radicals.

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