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Go to sleep

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Sleep is one of the most critical health factors that affects how we look, feel and function. We rarely hear about it from fitness and health experts, but good sleep is considered one of the fundamentals to improving and maintaining good health.

Although most of us know that we need 8 hours per day, research says that more than 50% of us are regularly under-slept. Further to the lack of volume, our quality of sleep can be poor as we pay little attention to a plan, strategy or even our sleeping habits. This is almost the complete opposite when we are raising kids as we feed, bath, settle and read to them so that they can get quality sleep to be healthy, happy and to grow.

Signs of a lack of good sleeping patterns

The most obvious sign that we are not getting the volume and quality we need is that we are tired and stressed. It plays such an important part in our body that irregular sleeping patterns can be related to weight gain, diabetes, increased blood pressure, imbalance of hormones, reduced immune system, headaches, neck pain, irritability, reduced mental function like decision making, concentration, learning capacity and memory, and reduced physical function like balance, recovery, co-ordination and reaction time. What a list!!

It seems so simple, but do not underestimate the impact of insufficient sleep as this is the very core of how our body works through the Automatic Nervous System. This system balances our body’s stress and repairs hormones.


  1. Regular bed times including waking and sleeping (preferable before 10:30 pm)
  2. Listen to your body – when you get those sleepy signals, listen and go to bed
  3. Reduce stimulants 4 hours before bed – coffee, nicotine, sugar, soft drinks, TV, movies, computers and food
  4. Reduce bright lights 2 hours before bed
  5. Sleep in a completely dark room
  6. Rest prior to bed – warm bath, reading, warm milk
  7. Reduce electrical devices in the bedroom


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