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Lost Your Exercise Mojo?

Exercise with a personal trainer

Maybe you’ve lost the fun factor!

When I was a kid, we did exercise because it was all about “FUN” – fun playing, fun with friends, fun with sports and fun reaching a new goal. Now, it seems to be more about we “HAVE TO” – have to lose weight, have to be healthier, have to because the doctor told us, or even have to impress others! To be truly successful in long-term exercise, with all the associated health benefits, the secret is to have fun and reclaim your inner kid!

Switch from “I have to” to “I want to because it’s fun”

In the fitness industry we use a formula called FITT – Frequency, Intensity, Timing and Type. This gives us the basis to program varied exercise sessions to promote changes in the body with either fat loss, muscle toning, improved sports performance, injury recovery or general health benefits. To ensure long-term success, the most important is frequency. This is where we often come undone as we rebel against exercises when the “I have to” voice translates to “BORING!”

If your chosen exercise is truly fun, you no longer “have to” but you “want to”. And you will do it more consistently. A lifetime of exercise will trump short bursts of motivation, on and off again gym memberships, 12-week programs and short-term goals.

How do we make exercise fun?

Many of us have lost the ability to have fun given our sometimes overwhelming responsibilities, time pressures, financial pressures, careers and roles as a mothers/fathers, daughters/sons, sisters/brothers, wife/husband. So sometimes we just need to reset and reconnect with our inner kid. Here is a quick 10 minute technique to help:

 Reclaim Your Inner Kid Exercise

∙ Sit in a quiet room, close your eyes and breathe slowly.
∙ Clear your mind of other distractions and focus on your breathing.
∙ When you are peaceful, cast your mind back to your childhood to whenever you were the happiest.
∙ Ask yourself what you were doing and who were you with.
∙ Enjoy and remember the experience.
∙ Repeat these questions until you have a list of things that made you happy.
∙ From your list, which experiences involve exercise and movement that you previously enjoyed? Now see if there is anything you can incorporate into your life.
 Another simple technique is just to take the pressure off. Give yourself permission to do something solely because you enjoy it, like playing with the kids, walking with a friend or a dog, gardening, going into nature, sports, group fitness, a new physical goal (doing the Bridge to Brisbane) or going to the beach. This does not need to be hard core exercise but any exercise or movement that you enjoy.

As a final note, give yourself permission to enjoy exercise, take the pressure off, remember your fun childhood experiences and do any exercise or movement that you enjoy. You will undoubtedly be more consistent over the long term and you will be having fun doing it!



Cameron Corish has been caring and achieving results for the local Wishart, Mansfield and Mt Gravatt community for over 10 years. Together with the Core Health Coaching Team, he takes a multi-disciplined and holistic approach to health and fitness addressing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of one’s health.  

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