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Motivation and Goal Tips from the Laurie Lawrence

Motivation and Goal Tips from the Laurie Lawrence

Need motivation to achieve your goals. Here is 4 keys to achieving your goal from the coach of multiple National, World and Olympic champions – Laurie Lawrence.


Laurie Lawrence, Motivator Speaker, Olympic and World Champion Swim Coach and Australian Rugby Union Representative

Here is some of the 4 key points from an interview around motivation and goal setting.


Question 1 – How important you think goals are and where they fit into the scheme of success?

Laurie Lawrence: Well, I think you have to have an idea where you’re going. You have to have a road map, because otherwise how do you know where you’re going to go? So you need to have some sort of direction, a goal or what you want to do. Sometimes if the goals are out of reach, then that’s what disillusions people. You’re better to have a number of stops along the way where you achieve incremental things as you move forward. If you’re going to eat an elephant, you eat one mouthful at a time.

Laurie Lawrence: You have to have short-term goals. Short-term goals that are going to lead you towards your long-term.You do it step by step, you know? Incrementally. Whatever your goal happens to be, you’ve got to have steps along the way. You must break down those steps into smaller, achievable goals that you can do. You might have one lofty goal, but you’ve got to have a number of achievable goals that you can actually do to get there to that long-term goal.

Laurie Lawrence:  Motivation really is an internal thing. People say, “Gee you’re a good motivator, Laurie.” No, no no. True motivation is what people want to do. You can’t make people do what they want to do, so they have to decide, really, that this is what they want. If they want it, then you can have someone helping them. But first of all they’ve got to want it. Internal motivation is the best, isn’t it?

The second question – Do you need to get emotional about your goals?

Laurie Lawrence: To take ownership of your goals, To take ownership perhaps you do need to get emotional about it. I guess it’s gotta hurt if you don’t get it

The third question – How do you actually stay committed to a goal, how do you stay motivated to it?

Laurie Lawrence:  I think that’s why you need someone else with you or around you to keep you on track. That’s why I think you need a number of short term goals to reach your long term goal. You’ve got someone there pointing you in the direction sign, “Good job, you’ve done this well. How do we get to this next point? You’ve done a good job here.” Xyz, and that’s why a coach or a better word or a mentor is handy for people who have got goals when they’re trying to do things. It’s very hard to do things on your ownI believe you need someone to keep you on track. You need to have a partner. A partner in where you’re going.


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