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Personal Trainer Wishart Core News – Jan 2020

What a fun time in December, with our Christmas functions and antics.Thank you for your support over the past 12 months.

With 2020 upon us, we know a new year is the perfect time to reflect on the past and create some new goals. To help you achieve all that you want this year, I have attached a couple of great blog posts and a FREE Recipe Book to help you.


Thank you to Corrine McMillan MP – Mansfield State Member for her recognition of Core Health Coaching as the Local Business of the Month (December 2019). We are humbled and excited to receive this award and I want acknowledge our clients and especially Coach Mark for their dedication and hard work.



How to finally succeed in achieving your goals

Many of us find that we start well with our New Year resolutions but within a couple of weeks or months we lose our determination to lose weight, get fitter or improve our health. Old habits seem hard to break. Here are the tips that make sure this year is different.











Do you want real and lasting change in your life?

This is one of the best video’s I have ever seen about real and lasting change. Although this is 35 mins long, their are some many great insights and learnings. You can see why Tony Robbins is one of the most highly paid speakers in the world. Check it out and I have also summarised the key points



Eat Right to Live Right – Information Workshop








Confused about which diet is right for you?

We will take you from the beginning to current trends and work out your optimal nutrition and how it will nourish your body.

Here are the key areas we will be discussing-
Ancestral Nutrition

Recent Trends – Veganism, Ketogenic, Fasting
What happens to food when you eat it
Optimal NutritionBring a friend and come and join us

FREE Recipe Book

Wishart Personal Trainer








Weekly Recipe Challenge

Finally, I wanted to thank you for your support last year and I have attached my ebook – “Weekly Recipe Challenge”. The concept is simple, but it can dramatically change your relationship with food. I have seen clients fall in love again with food, cooking, rediscover their creativity, and of course improve their diet, health and energy.


Thank you 

Thank you for reading and we wish you the very best health, happiness and fitness.

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Cameron Corish

Cameron Corish has been caring and achieving results for the local Wishart, Mansfield and Mt Gravatt community for over 10 years. Together with the Core Health Coaching Team, he takes a multi-disciplined and holistic approach to health and fitness addressing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of one’s health.  

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