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How to save money on your personal trainer – Part 1

Find out how to save money on your Personal Trainer and fitness services that qualify for Health Funds rebates.

The following information about specific funds should be taken as a guide only and is not an exhaustive list of funds recognising fitness services.

If you hold private health insurance, can we suggest they contact your fund to determine what is required to enable you to gain a rebate and what level of rebate you are eligible to receive.

It is important to know that all funds are different!  Some health funds require us to be registered with Fitness Australia, while others also require us to register with the Health Fund directly.  In some cases a GP referral may be required to indicate that the fitness program is necessary due to an existing health or medical condition.  Also know that a number of funds do not recognise personal training services, or fitness centre memberships.

Finally, it is also important to realise that the amount of a potential refund is heavily dependent on the level of cover held by you and that holding private health insurance does not automatically ensure eligibility for a rebate for fitness services.

Our industry body, Fitness Australia is working hard towards aligning the national Business and Professional Registration schemes with all Private Health Funds.

Here is the current health funds that can help you save money on your Personal Trainer –

Tier 1 funds:

Health Funds offering rebates exclusively to Fitness Australia Registered Businesses

Client receive a rebate upon presentation of proof of payment documentation from the business containing their Fitness Australia registered business number.

Tier 2 funds:

The following Health Funds require business registration with Fitness Australia and for the business to complete a registration form with the fund:

  • NIB (download their form)
  • Note: You must have a referral form from a prescribing physician to be eligible to claim a rebate for fitness services.

Tier 3 funds:

The following Health Funds require a medical referral and completion of appropriate documentation.


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