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Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Looking for weight loss tips – let me introduce our 2015 Annual Award winners Chris and Chas.

Between them they have lost 40 kilos in the past 12 months and they have some great and simple weight loss tips to share.

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Cameron:            I always like to ask, just so you can pass on your successes. Is there something that you thought that you had done well to be successful at where you’re at now?

Chase:                  Never Give up!

Chase:                      Never give up?

Chase:                  Never give up.

Chris:                     I think for everyone, the biggest thing for us or for myself, is setting a goal but the biggest thing is having someone like Cameron push you to get to that goal. I’ve got family members that helped me out but I just set myself a goal and make sure I got there and once I got there, you set yourself another goal to get there. I think a lot of people … I’ve spoken to Cameron, I set myself a huge goal to start with and he said you’ve got to set yourself small ones.

Even if it is … You’re setting yourself a small goal to get to, to start with, make that goal first, you feel like you’re getting an achievement whereas if you make yourself a big one and you’re not getting there in a couple of months, then you get down on yourself. That was the biggest thing for me is just determination and just getting yourself to the first goal. Then you can set yourself another goal. That was the biggest thing for us.

Cameron:                  We talk about the circle of success. Once you get one success, you just keep following that momentum on.

Cameron:                     Just to give you some numbers so that you guys can actually have an understanding. Chris was 135 kilos when he started 12 months ago. Now he’s 114, so that’s a loss of 21 kilos. Chase was 85, is now 66, so lost 19 kilos. Between the two of them, they’ve lost over 40 kilos.

Weight Loss Tip from a couple that have lost over 40 kilos.


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