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5 Tips to Beat Hunger Cravings

Beat Hunger Cravings. You know the feeling. Maybe you just ate a full meal, but now it’s half an hour later and you’re hungry again.

Or maybe you went downstairs for a midnight snack, but then you found yourself unexpectedly polishing off a packet of Tim Tams because you had no idea how hungry you actually were.

Beat Hunger Cravings

The truth is, you might be so hungry because of the very types of foods you’re eating (or not eating) at other times of the day.

The real culprit behind this behaviour is one of your body’s most important hormones: insulin. When you eat infrequently or have a diet heavy in sugar, your body will experience drastic spikes in insulin.

Insulin spikes are not desirable because fluctuations in blood sugar do not support your fat loss efforts. They increase your fat storage, the speed at which your body stores fat, and can lead to insulin resistance – the pre-curser to diabetes.

So how can beat hunger you stay satisfied throughout the day without having to give into cravings and spike your insulin levels? Here are five strategies that work.

1. Eat frequently

This might seem like a bad thing if you are trying to lose weight. How can I lose weight if I am eating more often? The answer is quite simple: Eat more often, but eat less at each meal. Importantly, eating frequently normalises blood sugar levels and controls insulin spikes.

In addition, frequent eating typically reduces caloric intake. Rather than eating three very big meals each day, you have the ability to beat hunger cravings throughout the day and decrease the likelihood of overeating. The amazing side-effect of this is you may never be hungry again!

2. Drink water

Have you ever found yourself eating and eating and still never being satisfied? Have you ever come home from a long day of work and looked for soft drink or a sports drink and you weren’t sure why?

Well, the answer is that you were probably dehydrated and didn’t even realise it. It is crucially important to drink enough water throughout the day. The body often mistakes thirst for hunger, so if you find yourself eating a full meal and still craving more, try reaching for a glass of water before re-filling your plate.

3. Eat breakfast

You have heard it before, and most likely from your mum when you were a child: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a sufficiently fulfilling breakfast prepares you for the day. In addition, it reduces insulin spikes throughout the rest of your day.

 4. Eat more fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables, generally low in calories, are more filling than, for example, a bag of chips which have hundreds more calories with little nutritional value. Green, leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin K and fibre, which helps regulate insulin.

Eating salads before meals will help you eat less during the meal, while still ensuring you are satisfied and get all of the nutrients and helpful enzymes you need.

5. Mindful Eating

Most people know the feeling of eating some snacks and eating more than they wanted or needed. A classic example is eating some chips while watching TV and before you know it, the whole bag is finished.

While this type of eating can be hard to stop, the best way to deal with it practice mindful eating and before your meal or snack, ask yourself:

What am I eating?

Why am I eating?

Managing your insulin levels is the most important factor in beating hunger cravings and the solution does not need to be complex or expensive. Keep this in mind the next time you are hungry especially during the festive season.



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