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Best Personal Trainer Brisbane | Best Personal Training Brisbane

Looking for the best personal trainer or best personal training in Brisbane? Further to my ebook “20 tips you need to know before hiring a Personal Trainer”, here is another 4 tips to look for when hiring for the best personal trainer Brisbane.

best personal trainer brisbane

Here are the 4 additional tips to hire the best personal trainer Brisbane.

Social Proof

Most personal trainers are now very good at collecting testimonials from their clients to give you some social proof of their results. As a minimum, these should be listed on the website but they should also be on social media sites and local directories.

Social Media sites include Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +. These sites have the ability for clients to review the personal training service (generally in a 5 star format with 5 being the best), added comments/recommendations and skill endorsements (LinkedIn)

Local Directories such as True Local give insights at a local level rather than just the brand of a larger company like gyms chains. The will help you determine the best personal training in your local area.

When looking at testimonials and reviews, look at the number, the quality and how relevant they are for yourself and your goals. Example – 1 review with 5 star rating vs 10 reviews with a 4 star rating would give a better indication of consistent results. Also review the comments.

Also note, that the sign in processes for social media and local directories provide a greater level of authenticity for their reviews and comments although not fool proof from malicious intentions.

An authority

Are they writing blogs and in the media?  Is the personal trainer respected within their peers?

You will be able to check this simply –

  • Website – blog posts, check for “As seen in” and other personal trainer reviews/testimonials
  • Google Search – search on the personal trainer by name and see any news articles or industry/peer mentions
  • LinkedIN profile – this will show any articles, recommendations and additional writing positions


Again this should be easily checked and listed on their website.

Giving back

Although this does not seem to be a huge consideration for some, I believe this adds to the character, heart and the values of the personal trainer. Their willing to help others and charitable causes shows how they would treat their clients. Check to see if they have a values statement and/or give back to their community or charities.

If you want to find out the other 20 tips to hire a personal trainer Brisbane or personal training Brisbane, click on the attached link or picture “20 tips you need to know before hiring a Personal Trainer

best personal trainer brisbane


best personal trainer brisbane

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