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Ever heard of Sitting Disease?

Sitting at computer desk with back pain

Sitting for prolonged periods is seriously compromising your health

Most of us spend a significant amount of time sitting down working on a computer, watching TV or driving. As an average this is believed to be 55% of our waking time in sedentary behaviours according to the 2008 Vanderbilt University study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.

This is not new to most people, but some ground-breaking research from University of Queensland in 2010 states, “Even when adults meet physical activity guidelines, sitting for prolonged periods can compromise metabolic health.”

This has changed the thinking and the current paradigm of exercising for health to revisit the benefits of passive exercise. You may have noticed the popularity of standing work spaces, activity trackers like Fitbit or Garmin and scheduled movement programs in leading work environments. These scheduled movement programs are only relatively new. The software schedules short 5-minute breaks in work office environments, predominately in call centres, with specific stretches and exercises that you do at your desk with your work colleagues.

The ideas and the programs are endless to help encourage movement. I have listed some of the most beneficial ways to incorporate more movement into your daily routine.

6 Simple Tips to get moving –

  1. Schedule hourly breaks to get some water and food, go to the toilet, stretch and do mobility exercises. If you are interested in some specific stretches, mobility and exercise to do at your desk see our video – Office Mobility
  2. Stand up during your work day, for example when on the phone or doing small projects. Or get a permanent stand-up desk. One of my clients said this about their stand-up desk: “I love my stand up desk … it was the best thing as I no longer have problems with my joints and lower back like when I used to sit all the time.” Susan C.
  3. Track your number of steps during the day; for example, 7500 to 10 000 is considered the minimum.
  4. Catch up with people for a walk rather than sitting down for coffee.
  5. Find a different space to have your lunch rather than at your desk.
  6. Take the less convenient options such as walk the stairs rather than the lift, walk to someone’s desk rather than call/email, park the car further away and get off the bus/train one stop earlier.

These suggestions seem simple but will improve your posture, increase your blood flow, increase your metabolism, burn calories and reduce the risk of metabolic diseases like diabetes, obesity and thyroid dysfunctions.

Cameron Corish has been caring and achieving results for the local Wishart, Mansfield and Mt Gravatt community for over 10 years. Together with the Core Health Coaching Team, he takes a multi-disciplined and holistic approach to health and fitness addressing the physical, mental and emotional aspects of one’s health.  

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