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Exercise Mistakes

What are the biggest exercise mistakes people make when they start?

One of the biggest exercise mistakes I see when people start is “too much too soon”. Normally when we get back started into exercise we have a lot of motivation and excitement but the incidence of injury when starting or re-start is quite high. If the body has not had regular movement for years a more progressive approach is better to reduce the stress and shock on the body.

Exercise Mistakes


To get a clear understanding of best approach when starting or returning to exercise, we need to consider

  • Any injuries and medical history
  • Previous fitness background
  • How long since you have done exercise
  • Reason for the absence eg off due to pregnancy we need consider your core and pelvic floor function.
  • What other lifestyle factors can impact your exercise and recovery like high emotional stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, poor digestive health and detoxification pathways.

I am slightly basis, but considering the above, I would also suggest to see a personal trainer/exercise physiologist to review you independent requirements and personal circumstances for reduced injury and the best results.

An example of a general return to exercise program

  • Start with some light mobility exercises and stretches
  • Progress to include some core and stability exercises as well as some corrective exercises, if needed
  • Look at lifestyle factors such as nutrition, digestion, sleep, stress
  • Next step is to start strength exercises/program which could be just body weight exercise to start.
  • Later incorporate light cardio exercise
  • Then progress the strength and cardio exercise to improve endurance, speed then power

Understand that this is a general plan to return but ultimately it will be dependent on client’s requirements and goals.

Remember that the old adage “No pain No gain” does not apply if you are injured and cannot return to exercise for 2 to 3 months.

Proudly published in InShape News in March 2016.



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