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General stretching program – Part 2

Stretching Program – Part 2

One of the most under used and beneficially aspects of exercise is a stretching program or routine. We considered it a critical part of any well balanced fitness and strength program. Here is a some of the benefits –

  • Increases flexibility and range of motion
  • Greater effectiveness of exercises
  • Reduces muscle tension after a workout
  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces injuries
  • Helps a warm up before a workout and cool down after a workout
  • Reduces lactic acid after workouts
  • Improved circulation
  • Increases energy levels
  • Increases muscular co-ordination and awareness
  • Helps with relaxation

We have attached the second video of a general stretching program for after a workout using some simple techniques called static stretches. Understand that a stretching program can be different, sport/exercise specific and and individual as much as an exercise program.

Here is the transcript for a general stretching program – part 2.

Cameron: Okay next one we’ve got is the glut muscle, basically your bottom, so I will get you lying on your back for me.

Sally: Lying on my back yes.

Cameron: We are going to cross this leg over on to the knee, cross over here, opening that up and then we are going to thread our hands through behind this knee and then pull that too. There you go, a found one.

Sally:   There you go. That’s why I am not stretching. That’s why I am not stretching.

Cameron:  Bringing that knees close to the chest as you possibly can. Now it is going to feel it on the opposite leg through here.

Sally: If you can’t reach, then you can wrap a towel around your leg just below your knee and grab like that.

Cameron:  We will do the other side on that one.

Sally:  Now a lot of people are uneven. What’s your view on that?

Cameron:  Look definitely before a session, I am doing a little bit more corrective stuff and working on the one that’s tighter, just to put you and the body in the right position. Afterwards, if we are just doing the general releases we are doing is just do it evenly, but you are not as thorough here is we want to try and keep that nice and straight and again the stretch is coming through this part of the body and through the back portion through here, through those gluts. How are you doing?

Sally: Yeah great.

Cameron: We said 10, 20, 30 seconds; 20 is ideal.

Sally: Yeah.

Cameron: Great okay what are you up to now? We are up to back and chest for the next two. Chest we will use our lucky tree here.

Sally: Lucky tree, yes. I will come side this of the lucky tree.

Cameron:  That’s it. Hands up into 90 degrees. Let’s look forward in this particular case so it is the opposite leg to the arm and then what we are doing is we really trying to push that shoulder forward and almost around your body this way. Coming in through here, so you feel like you are twisting that upper half of the body.

Sally:  It really opens up.

Cameron:  You should be feeling it just through here. Feel good?

Sally:  Yeah. Good bad. Good pain.

Cameron: Excellent. If you notice Sally’s arm positioning through there, it is about 90 degrees a little bit higher. You can actually work it on different angles for that but 90 degrees is a little bit high to see what you feel. As you go a little bit higher, obviously you are stretching more through the back part. Then lower down is working a little bit more through the front part as well.

Sally: It is better if you have a post rather than a tree, the ants I have to say.

Cameron: The ants and all that stuff?

Sally: Yes.

Cameron: Okay the next one we are going to do is just a back release. We are going to grab hold of the tree and we are going to feel nice and close to the tree, keep the legs nice and straight and put that all weight on to your heels and drop that bottom down through here and you should feel the stretching in through here. A lot of people underneath through the arms like someone is actually thank you to rip your arms out of the socket.

Sally:  That feels good though.

Cameron: She is squealing with pain feels good apparently.

Sally:  Yeah feels better than the gluts let me tell you. You can do this anyway. You can grab on to anything anytime you feel like a bit tired in the back you are at work, grab pull, release.

Cameron:  A lot of these stretches as we said it doesn’t take that long but the benefits after you work out, obviously it helps with the lactic acid release as well, but yeah just to make sure that you are feeling a little bit better the following day and a little bit freer with the movement.

Sally:  Yeah that’s right. Okay thanks Cameron.

Cameron:  No problem. Thank you.

Sally:  Excellent.

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