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Which diet is for you?

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Diet – Eating Vegetables

New Healthy Eating Pyramid offers key to healthy diet

In the last six months we have seen the rise of the Paleo, No Sugar, Primal and the 5:2 Diet … to name a few. With so many diets and information, what do you do? Simple answers may be found in the new changes to Nutrition Australia’s Healthy Eating Pyramid and in listening to the needs of your own body.


Diet – Healthy Eating Pyramid from Nutrition Australia

New nutritional guidelines

The Healthy Eating Pyramid, found on Nutrition Australia’s website, was updated in May – the first major change in 15 years – reflecting the latest research and discoveries in nutrition. Here’s a summary.

• Eat mainly vegetables

This is the biggest change. Vegetables, fruit and legumes replace cereals and grains as our main food category, now representing 70 per cent of what we should be eating according to Nutrition Australia. “Plant food contains a wide variety of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are the main sources of carbohydrates and fibre in our diet.”

• Eat healthy fats

This is an important distinction from current marketing messages to avoid fats. Our bodies need Essential Fatty Acids to survive and thrive, as found in avocados, nuts, seeds and fish.

• Restrict sugar and salt.

Sugar is now not included in the pyramid but is on the side with salt. The idea is to restrict the amount consumed based on the volume already included in processed foods and drinks.

• Include herbs

and spices and discover different favours in cooking and reduce the reliance on sugar and salt.

• Drink water.

According to F Batmanghelidj, MD, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, “Every single bodily function is linked, regulated and dependent on water.”
“Move More” has been removed by Nutrition Australia to focus their core activity on food and nutrition. But their tagline is ‘Enjoy a variety of foods and be active every day’.

Keys to Healthy Living

  1. Enjoy a variety of foods
  2. Choose mostly plant-based foods
  3. Limit sugar and salt
  4. Choose water as your main drink
  5. Move more

What is your body telling you?

While following these guidelines, the most important part of healthy eating is listening to your body. This can be your best tool to perfecting your individual diet, feeling energised and having amazing health.

After eating certain foods do you experience tiredness, headaches, bloating, sickness, flatulence, diarrhoea, changes to stool frequency, irritability, interrupted sleep or mental fogginess? If so, you can reasonably assume the food you have eaten is not good for your body. This can be caused by food intolerance, food allergies or not eating the right fuel mix (protein to carb mix) for your body.

Every individual has different nutritional requirements and therefore must modify their food accordingly. A one-size approach does not suit everyone, and we have found that over 60 per cent of our clients have had some adverse reaction to certain foods.

Even Nutrition Australia understands that the food pyramid is conditional. “This advice is intended for the average healthy person. People who are pregnant or breastfeeding or who have a chronic health condition, intolerance or allergies should … seek specific dietary advice.”

Wishing you the best fitness, health and happiness.

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