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Best foam roller exercise

Best foam roller exercise 

What is the best foam roller exercise? We believe that this is the longitudinal spinal drape. Here is a video showing how to do it and discussing some of the benefits that include –

  1. Releases the chest muscles
  2. Improves posture
  3. Improves diaphragmatic breathing
  4. Increases oxygen intake
  5. Great cool down exercises
  6. Relaxing

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Foam Roller

Here is the transcript for the best foam roller exercise

Sally: Hi. I’m here with Cameron Corish from Core Health Coaching and today he’s going to show me a great release for my chest muscles and my shoulder muscles. Make me feel good.

Cameron: Good. This one’s called a longitudinal spinal drape (our view it is the best foam roller exercise). To be honest, it’s probably one of the easiest exercises anyone can do, but probably has one of the best benefits. So, as Sally was talking about, it’s definitely going to release through the chest and open the chest up. So, for those people sitting in chairs, it’s really going to expand the chest and get more oxygen into the lungs.

Sally: Office workers, Facebook fanatics. Yes.

Cameron: Great for detoxification as well. The more the quality of breath, the better your detoxification pathways are. So as I’ve said, this is a really tough exercise. So, what I’m going to do, put the foam roller down. Sally, I’m going to get you to sit here and then put your head at the other end. Don’t stress too much. It’s hard. It’s hard. There we go, pretty much. You’re almost done. So, just with this one, I’ll get your hands in this position through here. And that’s hard. What we’re doing is we’re letting gravity work and pulling your arms down, but you can see that it’s really opening up through the chest. Sally’s got just a little bit more to go. Nice to be touching through there. But you’ll notice through here, the chest muscles there are just going to release. This is a great one to do after your exercises and you can use this as a cool down. And just focus on diaphragmatic breathing. Just rest and just enjoy that cool down. It’s tough isn’t it.

Sally : And lay like this for the rest of the day. No.

Cameron: I must admit a lot of my clients actually think this is the best exercise I’ve ever give them. So-

Sally : It’s a good one to do in front of TV and everything as well. So, it’s something you can do without too much effort at all. All you need is a foam roller.

Cameron: Normally to start off with, you need to start at small increments just to get the body used to it. What we’ve done for Sally is we’ve put her on the full arms roller. There is also available a half-roller. And again, that just gives you a lower level to the ground. So that if your hands are too far off the ground, is that the weight of that gravity is not too much on that shoulder joint.

Sally : And you can also use a rolled up towel at home as well. It’s nowhere near as good but if you just want to see what it feels like because you don’t have a foam roller, that’s a good way to start. Roll up a beach towel too.

Cameron: Couple other things with this one of course, is that we’ve talked about the chest over here. But the lower lumbar area through this area through here, you shouldn’t have too much of an arch. There should be a natural arch there. So think about just bringing that down, and what that does is just readjust the hip positioning through there. So as an overall posture improver, this is fantastic. It’s bringing the head back. So, it’s nice and comfortable over through here. Gets a right arch through the neck, chest, shoulders great, lumbar area through there, and then obviously as I’ve said, you can just sit back and relax and think about your breathing and just cool down from your exercise.

Sally: So with this one, it’ll be people when they’re getting their right position on the foam roller, they’ll be locking on their core muscles a little bit won’t they?

Cameron: Depending upon what’s happening at their hip level. Definitely. Yeah, you’re right.

Sally: So, just for those of you who’ve never done any Pilates or anything like that or are not quite sure, what you can do is just put your fingertips in an inch or so from your hip bones and cough, and you’ll feel your muscle tightening there, you’ll feel that muscle engage. So that’s your transverse abdominal engaging. So that’s what you’re looking at here.

Cameron: Yeah. Fantastic.

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Want to do the best foam roller exercise but do not have a foam roller?  Purchase HERE

Foam Roller

Best foam roller exercise

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