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Food Cravings – 5 Tips to help beat hunger

Do you continually get food cravings ? Find yourself eating garbage but not being able to control it? Here are 5 simple tips to beat your food cravings.

This interview is courtesy of Katie Brisbane’s 96.5 Family FM with our Resa (Editor of the South City Bulletin) discussing my article on how to beat food cravings.

Here is the transcript of the 96.5 Family FM interview – 5 tips to beat food cravings

Katie:We are beating food cravings this morning, you can thank me later, on the Live Well, Be Well radio show. You’re hanging out with Katie, and actual Resa is the one giving us the tips this morning, the editor of South City Bulletin. Good morning Resa.
Resa:Hi everyone.
Katie:Five tips to beat hunger cravings. I am awaiting this with much pleasure and I’ve got a pen and paper in hand. What do we do?
Resa:Yeah, so our health and fitness expert, Cameron Corish, he has actually given us his top five tips on beating hunger cravings. The first one is make sure you’re eating frequently. A lot of people try and eat less when they’re losing weight, but you should be eating regular meals so that your blood sugar levels are normal and that controls the insulin spikes.
Katie:You’re right. People try and stick to main meals and then limit the portions, which that’s also important, limiting portions as aside, but that’s quite interesting, making sure that you snack regularly and you’re not hungry.
Resa:Definitely. Just little meals. You don’t have to have massive portions. Just definitely little meals throughout the day will help.
Katie:I like that you say as another one of the tips drinking water, because a lot of us do kind of fill our tummies with food when we’re hungry, but a lot of the time we just need that nutrients of water.
Resa:Definitely. Especially keeping hydrated throughout the day. It’s going to limit the amount that you’re eating throughout the day as well because you’re not going to be as hungry.
Katie:Okay. I just drank a … I just took a glass of water. That’s a good reminder Resa. Things like eating breakfast. You’ve got eat more fruits and vegetables as well.
Resa:Yes. Definitely everyone knows they need to eat their fruit and veggies throughout the day. You should be eating two serves of fruit a day and around five serves of veggies a day, so making sure you stick to those and just incorporating that into your meals throughout the day.
Katie:Talk to us about mindful eating too. We mentioned earlier about portions and making sure that when you do eat they’re the right size, you don’t overeat, but I think a lot of us do eat mindlessly, you know, we’re on our phones or the TV is on. What detriment can it have to our health?
Resa:Definitely. So when you’re watching the TV, you tend to grab those nasty little snacks like chips and things, and then before you know it you’ve finished the whole bag, so it’s important to ask yourself why am I eating and what am I eating? Those things really help you when you’re grabbing those snacks because at the end of the day you’re probably just eating because you’re bored.
Katie:Yes. You know we’re all guilty, Resa, of opening that packet of chips, and as you say you get to the bottom of it before you know it, and it doesn’t even keep you full for long. That’s the other terrible part of it. You can have all these calories that sometimes you don’t burn off and it doesn’t actually fuel you or give you the right nutrients to keep you full or to keep you lasting throughout the day.
Resa:Definitely, and it’s not good.
Katie:It’s not good. You heard it first from Resa at South City Bulletin, Five Tips To Beat Hunger Cravings. You can read the full article, get a whole heap more, at I hope you abstain from eating too much today Resa. They were good tips.
Resa:Yes. Thank you very much.


food cravings

Proudly recorded in December 2016 in the Live Well Be Well, 96.5 FM  Brisbane Radio

food cravingsfood cravingsfood cravings


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