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Lose weight without calorie counting

Do you start counting calories when you want to lose weight?  Do you find that you regain any lost weight and even gain more weight? Are you a yo-yo dieter?   Did you know other strategies have been proven to be more effective with long-term weight loss?

Continuing studies show “weight losers” regain their lost weight from 80% to 95% in the following 3 to 5 years.  With the most commonly used weight loss strategy being calorie restriction or calorie counting, is it really working?

This interview is courtesy of Katie from Brisbane’s 96.5 Family FM with our Resa (Editor of the South City Bulletin) discussing my article on how to lose weight without calorie counting.


Here is the transcript of the 96.5 Family FM interview – Lose weight without calorie counting

Katie :

Calorie counting and why it’s not working. Yes, you heard me right. Resa, from South City Bulletin will tell us more this morning on the Live Well Be Well Radio Show. Good morning, Resa.
Resa :Good morning everyone.
Katie :Calorie counting. People are big fans of it. In fact, that’s often what people think when they turn to eating healthy, whether they’re consulting a diet or not, they think about counting calories, making sure they reduce them. Why isn’t it good for us?
Resa :Yeah, our expert, Cameron Corish has written an article on why calorie counting is not working. The fact is that a lot of people that do calorie count and do lose weight put back on the weight after a couple of years. It’s because you can’t maintain this calorie counting for a long time.
Katie :I can’t do it for more than a couple of days. That’s quite interesting that it’s more about changing your lifestyle, something that obviously you can maintain and sustain, like you’re saying, for years.
Resa :Yeah. Definitely. Because you have to be so restrictive with your calories, once you’re back on a normal diet, once you’ve lost that weight, it’s hard to continue that, and it’s hard to do that for the rest of your life, basically.
Katie :People can check out the full article on South City Bulletin website, but he’s listed some of the five best weight loss strategies that don’t involve calorie counting. We don’t want to give them all now, because people want to go to the website, check them out, but what are some of the top ones that might be a great alternative?
Resa :Yeah, focusing on marco-nutrients that are specific to your body type is one major thing. Making sure you’re eating the right foods for you. You could be needing more protein than others. You could be needing more carbohydrates than others. It depends on your body type. Another one would be addressing your emotional eating habits. If you’re an emotional eater, you really need to focus on addressing that before anything else.
Katie :Even looking at … Okay. I’ll pull out another one, because I find this quite interesting, is exercise prescription. Not one form of exercise is going to fit all, or work for everybody, and you really do have to find out what works for you.
Resa :Definitely. It’s all about working with your body, and the way that your body is going to react to certain things.
Katie :You can find out more, as I said, that article on South City Bulletin’s website. Why calorie counting may not be the best … We can’t go overboard, Resa, and eat all the cupcakes, but we can just eat smart this weekend. It’s good tips.
Resa :Definitely.
Katie :Talk to you soon. Thanks so much for being on the show.
Resa :Thank you so much.

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